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Set up alerts for specific types of birds, or families of birds. You can receive an email, an sms or an iPhone alert when a spotting is reported. You can also set up alerts for bird status, for common, or rare bird alerts. More

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Birding News has a number of ways in which you can search for bird sightings. They can be restricted by bird, or bird family, to area, dates, times, maturity, sex and rarity, and any combination of the above. More

Bird Locations
All bird spottings that are posted can be sorted and displayed on a map for easy access to location data. This shows you quickly and easily what's close to you, whats clumped together, and what's too far to travel to.


Bird Spotting - Reports

Bird Spotting Reports
Birding News lets you find what has been spotted in the UK, in your area, and where birds that you might be interested in are currently being seen. It can also help you plan trips efeciently and help decide when and where it is best to travel to. But none of this would work without users posting there own sightings.

There are a couple of ways in which you can add your own bird watching exploits to Birding News. There is a Report a Sighting - Quick Submission form. This lets you enter data quickly in to the system with only a couple of mandatory fields to fill in. It should be quite quick and easy to do this, and could be usefull if you do a lot of bird watching.

Another option is to use the Report a Sighting - Full Submission form. This has a fair bit more data that you can enter in to it. It will take a little longer to fill this out, but will enable you to do more thorough searches on your data in the future.

It is also possible to update or delete reports. This could either be used to update a previous Quick Submission with more information, or change an incorrect report. Once a report has been deleted it is gone for good.

Bird Watching
Others will be able to view your reports once thay have been posted, as you will be able to view other peoples reports once they have posted them.

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Bird Sightings

Enter your bird sightings, their details, and access them from anywhere. Sort them how you want them, export the data in a spreadsheet and show it on a map however you want it. Update your bird watching reports and delete any old ones you want to. More

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Post spottings, access current data, set up alerts and have new spottings sent to you in realtime out in the field. Access information from a map with gps tracking helping you to find the position of the birds you are interested in. More